Open Journey Planner (OJP) 

Over the past decade Distributed Journey Planning has been shown in three European systems to provide a way to extend the range of local or regional public transport information systems to cover much wider geographical areas. So the experience of the UK’s JourneyWeb, the German DELFI and the north European EU-Spirit systems have been brought together to develop an Open API for distributed journey planning, based on an extension of the German TRIAS schema.

This work has created a draft European (CEN) Technical Specification entitled “Open API for distributed journey planning”. A first draft went through TC consultation in early 2016 and respondents asked for a tighter integration of this proposed TS with the established Transmodel, SIRI and NeTEx Standards. Accordingly a further revision of the draft schema and documentation was undertaken during 2016 (completed in November 2016) and is now progressing towards a final vote within CEN. The documentation will not be published (other than to those involved in the standards-making process) until such time as the final vote has confirmed its approval.

Schema XSD
This page provides access to the revised (November 2016) Schema’s XSD files to enable consultees who are reviewing this revised draft Technical Specification to access the Schema that is described in the draft Technical Specification.



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