CEN TS 15531 Service Interface for Real time Information (SIRI) - Implementations


init AG www.init-ka.de supports the following services:
SIRI Stop Monitoring services (SM) subscription
SIRI Stop Monitoring services (SM) request/response
SIRI Vehicle Monitoring service (VM)
SIRI Production Timetables service (PT)
SIRI Estimated Timetable service (ET)

There are installations in:
LCC Leicester
BAC Dublin
SWM München
Trafikanten Oslo
GVTA Vancouver

MDV Muenchen, www.mentzdv.de

Transport for London (Great Britain):
Service: SIRI ET
Partner: London River Services

Transport for London (Great Britain):
Service: SIRI GM
Partner: Kizoom Ltd.

Suffolk County Council (Great Britain):
Service: SIRI PT, ET, VM, SX
Partner: Moviken-SLE, Mobisoft

Hannoversche Informationstechnologien (Germany):
Service: SIRI SX
Partner: Verkehrsverbund Bremen-Niedersachsen, Hacon

Trapeze, www.trapezegroup.com
Data Exchange using SIRI SX (Situation Exchange Service) with DEFAS in Regensburg (end 2014)

France (11/2019)

- Ile-de-France Mobilité: The biggest French SIRI project is from Ile-de-France Mobilité (Authotity for Paris area) where a SIRI Hub gathers the realtime information of about 80 operators. The aggregated resulting information is available for all operators but also to end users via the open data access (SIRI Lite). The IDFM project, of course, triggers 80 other SIRI projects (one for each provider).
- Marseilles (RTM) also has a SIRI project developed by Diginext (https://www.diginext.fr/fr/cat-actus-fr/505-information-voyageur-rtm)
- Ile-et-Vilaine department is using Hopen Go solution (Navocap) using SIRI (https://www.navocap.com/nos-solutions/hopen-go/): Hopen Go is available in more than 20 locations.

- Ineo (AVMS provider) in Amiens, Rouen, Rennes and Centre Essonne - for Bus network
- SNCF : national level- for rail network
- Sytral in Lyon - for bus, metro and tram network
- RATP : Ile de France (mainly Paris...) - for bus, metro and tram network
- Transdev in Montpellier - for Bus network
- STIF in Ile de France (alla networks)
- Kéolis : Centre Essonne, Versailles - for Bus network
- Véolia : in Ile de France
- Lumiplan (AVMS provider)
- Open Source providers like EnRoute with Ara (https://enroute.mobi/produits/ara/ and https://github.com/enroute-mobi/edwig).

Main used services are : Stop Monitoring et General Message plus Check Status, and some Discovery services
and comming : Facility Monitoring, Situation Exchange and Vehicle Monitoring

United Kingdom (4/2010)

Kizoom uses it to connect about 16 real-time systems to the national traveline system which has timetable for the whole country and real time for some areas.
For one example see http://leicestertravel.info/

The SIRI framework is now also being used in the UK UTMC XML framework for road traffic e.g. see

Atleast 50 sites in the uk using SIRI since some of the main AVL suppliers, e.g. ACIS are using it for all their installations.

The national “NextBuses” service makes extensive use of SIRI_SX. The architecture of this service, very simply, involves a national platform to which users make their enquiries. That national platform determines where it can get real-time information from for the requested stop - and also from which traveline region it can get scheduled times for that same stop. It sends two enquiries out - one to the real-time system, and one to the regional traveline system. The responses from those two enquiries are blended to give (as far as possible) the real-time information where it exists - and the scheduled times for services which do not have real-time information - in the response sent to the enquirer. This means that we have nationwide coverage through a single information service, whether or not an area is covered with real-time information - including for stops where only some services are known by the real-time system. (4.2013)

USA (11/2014)

  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (public transport operator for New York City)
    MTA Bus Time, New York City
    Company which has built or delivered the SIRI solution: OpenPlans and Verifone
    The SIRI services used in the project: VehicleMonitoring and StopMonitoring


Subscription is quite widely used in Sweden.


Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam (GVB) www.gvb.nl

GVB uses CEN SIRI and CEN NeTEx as the basis for its passenger information broker system, called the GVB Single Point of Truth (GVB-SPOT). It communicates data to the stop information system using SIRI-ET, GM and SM.
A real time travel information service is in dveleopment, that will feed data to all vehicles and ships, using SIRI ET, SM, CM and GM. FM will probably follow shortly.
The all-new metro Signalling and control system produces PT, ET, VM, SM and GM. (9.2016)

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