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Intensive voluntary involvement
and sound expert knowledge

About 600 member companies

The VDV advises its member companies at regional and national level and offers a platform for the exchange of experience and know-how. About 600 members from the fields of public passenger transport and rail freight transport are organised in the VDV in nine regional groups and five divisions: Bus, tram, passenger transport with railways, rail freight transport as well as association and principal organisations.

The official bodies of the VDV are the members’ meeting, the meetings of the regional groups, the presidency, the boards of management and the general management. These bodies are supported by the voluntary work of 400 experts from the member companies, who discuss and deal strategically with matters of importance to the sector in five general committees and 19 expert committees.


The presidency of the VDV consists of the president, the chairmen of the boards of management (of the five divisions), who are vice-presidents, the chairmen of the regional groups, the chairmen of the general committees, the general manager as well as further representatives from the fields of bus and railway. At present, the presidency consists of 34 representatives from the five divisions. 

6 general committees



Legal Matters

Marketing and Communication

Personnel Management

Price Formation and Sale

19 expert committees

Rail construction


Depots and workshops

Orderer market

Railway operation

Railway vehicles

Railways of Public Ports

Electrical power installations

Freight transport

Customer service, information and dialogue

Telematics and Information Systems

Technical railway infrastructure matters

Non-technical railway infrastructure matters

Urban rail rolling stock


Transport association issues

Industrial railways

Competitive questions conc. railway passenger transport

Commitee for municipal company affairs

Advisory board of the VDV

The advisory board meets once a year in Berlin and has more than 40 members, who are representatives of the highest transport authorities of the federal government and the German states, the local central associations, the transport and trade associations, the trade unions and science. This board aims at strengthening the contacts between science, transport, politics and administration.  

Quelle: VDV/Foto: Michael Fahrig
Quelle: VDV/Foto: Michael Fahrig
Quelle: VDV/Foto: Michael Fahrig
Quelle: VDV/Foto: Michael Fahrig

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