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Integration Interface for Automatic Vehicle Management Systems – VDV 453, Version 2.3

Connection protection
Dynamic passenger information
General message service

Integration Interface for Automatic Vehicle Management Systems – VDV 454

Schedule Information

The underlying concept as outlined in recommendation VDV 453 follows the approach of a universal interface for the integration of AVMS systems, which allows the participating transport operators to implement such functionality at an acceptable cost. Technical implementation is based on standard technologies (http/XML). It defines common limiting requirements on the design of the interface and describes the data exchange in detail (subscription procedure). The modern service architecture with a communication structure based on the subscription method provides a simple means of integrating further services, even to external non-AVMS specific systems.

Reference for the implementation of services is the latest XML-Schema, which contains all the services of VDV453 and also the services of VDV454, Schedule Information: REF-SIS service and the SIS Real-time Data Service. The document has to be viewed as explanation only. The time being, it exist only a german version of the XML-Schema. For this reason the definitions in this document have the german xml-tag in brackets, in order to see the connection between this translated document and the xsd file.

The recommendations VDV453 and VDV454 represent the subset of the CEN standard 'SIRI'(CEN-OO278181), Service Interface for Real Time Information, to be used in Germany.
They reduce the number of optional data elements and alternative communication methods described in SIRI to a well defined selection, which has proven its efficency in numerous real time projects in Germany and neighbouring countries.

SIRI is a CEN standard since 11.2006

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