VDV-Interfaces for Planned Data

On the basis of Transmodel and NeTEx the followong VDV Recommendations have been published:

VDV-Recommendation 462 - "German Profile for NeTEx"

Standardised exchange of line network and timetable data with the European standard CEN-TS 16441 ‘NeTEx’

This VDV Recommendation 462 specifies the implementation of the CEN-NeTEx standard. It describes the specific implementations for dedicated applications and thus reduces the number of models and representations possible in NeTEx, significantly simplifying the application of NeTEx for concrete implementations.

VDV-Recommendation 452

VDV Standard Interface: Route Network / Timetable

VDV-Recommendation 452 has been a major input to Transmodel as well as to NeTEx. It is widely used in the German speaking countries, but also in other regions of the world. Work on this standard started in the early 1990's. Many updated versions have been published since then.

  • Download VDV452 Version 1.6.2 2023: PDF
  • Download VDV452 Version 1.6 2021: PDF
  • Download VDV452 2013: PDF
  • Comparison: the objects of VDV452, their English translation and the data objects of TRANSMODEL
  • Download VDV452 with adopted change requests of 2019: PDF

VDV-Recommendation 455 "Duty Roster"

  • Download: PDF

Only part B of VDV-Recommendation 455 dealing with
Transfer of

  • Roster information
  • Driver allocations
  • Vehicle parking positions
  • Training requirements

to an AVMS
is available in english.

A possible transfer possibility is ASCII based File Format:

VDV-Recommendation 451

"File Format for Data Transfer between PT Applications"

Download: PDF

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