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Public Transport: Key Element and Motor of a Forward-Looking Mobility Alliance
Working Group "Multimodal Mobility Offers" of the VDV Commitee on Strategy
Public Transport: Key Element and Motor of a Forward-Looking Mobility Alliance

Mobility is absolutely essential in our modern society, but due to the requirements for a sustainable development we face big challenges as transport is still very dominated by the motorised private transport. It is the intention:
- to reduce the consumption of fossil energy sources and to increase the energy efficiency,
- to avoid harmful environmental influences (above all climate warming, air pollution, noise emission, land consumption),
- to ensure public investments, affordability and social inclusion.

Public transport is and remains the right solution for many of these challenges, but it is a mass transport mode, which means that it cannot meet each individual need for mobility suitably. From the customer’s point of view it is therefore necessary to combine public transport with further mobility offers.
Position Paper / March 2013

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